Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Upper Deck Gets MLBPA License, and Panini Signs Strasburg to Auto Deal

Well, shortly after Topps gets an exclusive MLB license, Upper Deck gets a license from MLBPA.  This means that Upper Deck will be back in the baseball card business, just without logos much like Panini.  Weird timing as it came just after Topps released there new deal.

This is nice because I have always liked Upper Deck.  The last major card company, Panini, also made a splash in the licensing pool by signing National's sensation Stephen Strasburg to an exclusive autograph deal.  Strasburg's first autos will appear in 2013 Panini Prism.

With this preview, I am certainly glad Panini got the exclusive over Topps.  This also makes me excited for the release of 2013 Prism.  The only concern I have with this deal is that it means there will be no Strasburg autographs with logos on them.  This could decrease the value of Strasburg's autographs because many collectors simply refuse to buy unlicensed products.

Also, the idea of exclusive licenses turns me off.  I have always enjoyed variety in collecting, so autos from just one company can be boring.  This will certainly be bad for Topps, who loses a high value, big draw signer.  I wonder if Topps will counter by signing Bryce Harper to an exclusive (if they haven't already).


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