Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brawl Breaks Out at WBC

Well, I haven't posted in a couple days.  It wasn't because I was busy or anything, but because I have been watching the World Baseball Classic which has games on pretty much all day.  Now here comes the purpose of this post.  I was watching today's game with Canada vs. Mexico when a bench clearing brawl broke out in the 9th inning.

This all happened after a Canadian player bunts for a base hit with a 9-3 lead.  The Mexican pitcher threw inside at the next batter not apreciating Canada trying to run up the score.  This was not the case though with run differential being the tie-breaker category.

Umpire's trying to stop things before they get serious issued warnings to both sides.  Next pitch, the Canadian batter gets nailed and the benches cleared.  This was not just a dust-up with several punches being thrown and multiple scrums within the brawl.

As if things could not get more out of control, fans became involved throwing things at team Canada.  A Canadian coach was hit in the head with a mostly full water bottle, and when action resumed, baseballs were thrown onto the feild.  This is certainly not what you want to see in an international tournament designed to help spread baseball internationally.  This incident could effect future tournaments with MLB clubs reluctant to send players with the fear of injuries in a fight.

One player who was heavily involved was Red Sox releif pitcher Alfredo Aceves.  Aceves came out of the fight with welts on his head and a cut on his wrist.  I would suspect that he will face some kind of disciplanairy action for his involvement in the brawl as well as several other players from both teams.  Seven players were ejected from the game.

If you didn't see this, I would certainly recomend looking it up on youtube.

I can't wait to see the rest of the WBC with the action heating up.  For the record, I am rooting for team USA.  If USA doesn't advance to the next round, I am rooting for team Italia.  Playing for Italy is a local independent ball hero Chris Colabello, who I am rooting for.  My third favorite team would be the Netherland because they have Red Sox top prospect Xander Bogarts on the roster.

USA plays Italy tonight at 9:00, and Canada tommorow at 4:00.


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