Sunday, March 3, 2013

NNO Mini Mailday

This is the second to last mini I needed for my 2012 Allen and Ginter Kevin Youkilis mini rainbow.  This is the no number mini which has a print run of only 50 copies.  The front is nothing special, but the back is like the "ginter backs"with the set number missing.  In past years, they were serial numbered out of 50, but this year they were just short printed out of 50.

 It is a nice card, and I did need it for my Youkilis PC.  To finish the rainbow, I need the black bordered mini which I did get in the mail.  I will post scans of them all together when I get a chance.  This is not the only rainbow I am about to finish though.  I am also working on the 2012 Topps Chrome Kevin Youkilis rainbow with the last card I need in route.  I also tried a pack of 2013 Topps that I will post.


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