Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The State Of Red Sox Farm System (And Ryan Westmoreland News)

The Red Sox farm system is going downhill.  I don't mean that their farm system doesn't have promising yound players.  I mean Red Sox prospects are being stupid, and in some cases jepardizing their futures and careers through careless injuries and trouble with the law.

Drake Britton
Every once in a while, you will hear about somthing stupid that a minor leager does like make a baserunning error, or say somthing offensive in an interview.  However lately, I have heard a lot of stories about stupid things Red Sox prospects have done.  Headlining them are Bryce Brentz, and Drake Britton.  Brentz shot himself in the leg trying to clean his gun.  Drake Britton was arrested for driving 111 MPH while drunk.

Bryce Brentz
The Red Sox organization ought to be embarresssed by incidents like this and as a fan, I am certainly embarrassed.  Granted the gun incident may have been a freak accident, the Red Sox may want to make more strict rules regarding the use of alcohal.  With these events happening so close together, I am really concerned that stuff like this is becoming more common, and it needs to stop.  It is also unfortunate for the Red Sox because both players have a lot of potential and now stupidity is keeping them off the feild and slowing their developement.

The Red Sox also received some news today regarding a retirement.

Ryan Westmoreland
On a sad note, former top prospect Ryan Westmoreland (pictured above) announced his retirement today.  Westmoreland has retired after two surgeries on a cavernous malforation in his brain.  Red Sox fans can only imagine what could have been if only he was healthy.  I hope that he will be able to get healthy and live a successful life outside of baseball.


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