Monday, March 25, 2013

Rack Pack Mojo

I was at target the other day and had the urge to open some packs, so I picked a a few rack packs.  I got 1 2012 Topps Chrome, and 2 2013 Topps Heritage.  The Topps Chrome didn't have anything special besides to normal orange refractors and a Kevin Youkilis base for my PC.  Out of the Heritage, I pulled this.

When I pulled it, I just blew right past it thinking they came one per pack.  Then, the second pack didn't have one so I thought okay, maybe one every couple of packs.  After that, I started looking online and saw that these are actually quite rare.

The odds on pulling these are 1 in 377 packs.  Then, I started looking at eBay sales.  I saw the same card selling for $40-$60.  That is a great pull for retail, better than a crappy 1 color relic or a no name auto.  I feel like I always pull rare minis.  To bad I don't have a mini card PC.

I should have a mailday or two later this week.


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