Thursday, March 28, 2013

Steal of a Mailday With Some MOJO!

I bought a lot off eBay a couple weeks ago, and I finally got the package.  I am really excited about this lot because for $30, I got 31 Kevin Youkilis cards.  Thats cool, and 10 of the cards were cards I didn't have yet.  When I bought it, there were a couple cards listed that I had never heard of before.  They turned out to be Red Sox gift set photo variations.  I only scanned one of those, but it is pretty cool.

These cards weren't even the coolest part of the lot.  The lot had 2 SPs and an SSP.  This first one, a sparkle variation is worth $30 by itself.

And if the sparkle wasn't enough, there was a 2013 out of bounds variation.

And oh yeah, there was this $65 card.

Pretty sick for $30.  If you haven't figured out the lot theme yet, it is every Topps base brand card of Kevin Youkilis including short prints.  I had been meaning to get the 2012 Topps Update SSP for a while, but it was just too pricy for a card that didn't have some kind of auto or relic.  When I found this auction, I knew it was my best chance at getting this card for a decent price and boy was I right.

This is one of my favorite maildays in a while.  My Kevin Youkilis PC is getting close to 600 unique cards.  I am also getting close to 30% of all Kevin Youkilis cards.  I got another in the mail today that I will post tommorow.  Happy Maundy Thursday!


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