Friday, March 29, 2013

Its Official: I Have a Yankees Card in my PC

Well, I have been dreading the day that Topps starts making Kevin Youkilis cards as a Yankee instead of a White Sox like in Series 1.  With the release of Topps Heritage, Youk will now appear as a Yankee on his cards.

You can tell this is photoshopped because as a Yankee, Youk had to shave his famous gotee.  The design is nice though and I love the 1964 design.  I wish he was wearing a hat or helmet though because he is bald.

This card was sent to me from a great member of the Blowout Cards Forum.  I am always greatful for members like thewild3.  If you ever come across this, thanks a bunch!  After I got this I decided to pay it forward and send another member a card they needed to finish a set.


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