Monday, March 4, 2013

2012 Allen and Ginter Mini Rainbow Completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said last night, the black mini was in hand and I just needed to scan all the cards together.  This was a little complicated because some parellels have a different boder while others have a different back.  Being a little OCD, I spent a while trying to find an asthetically pleasing way to arrange them, and I think I did a pretty nice job.

This picture is a little small, but here is a link to a bigger scan.  This completed rainbow from left to right includes the 1/1 wood, red back /25, black border, no number /50, retail gold border, ginter back, and regular minis.  I started this rainbow in July-ish, and finished a few days ago.  Feels good to complete another rainbow!


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