Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goodbye, Kevin Youkilis.

What an emotional day today has been for me as a Red Sox fan. Today, Red Sox Nation witnessed the end of the Youk Era in Boston. Kevin Youkilis started today for the Red Sox during their 1 PM showdown against Atlanta. The story, though, is that he was about to go to the on-deck circle when he was told by manager Bobby Valentine that Ben Cherrington (GM of the Red Sox) had informed him that a "situation" was pending, obviously referring to a trade. Youkilis followed that by telling his teammates. The Sox did his sendoff right. Youkilis came up to bat, and I honestly feel that by the Grace of God the Boston fans knew it was quite possibly his last at-bat in the Red Sox uniform. He tipped his helmet to a standing ovation, and in usual Youk-style he found an obscure way to get on base: a triple. He was relieved for a pinch-runner, and this is where the tears started. The BEST standing ovation I have ever seen at Fenway Park ensued. He waved to the crowd, cried, blew kisses, everything you could think of. He went down the dugout tunnel, and then came back out AGAIN (teammates pleading) to a louder standing ovation. And that was it. After the game, his locker was empty. Chicago, the White Sox just aquired a fine teammate, man, and athlete: give him the respect and love he deserves.

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