Saturday, June 9, 2012

Epic Mail Week Part 2: "Its Rainbow Time!"

All packages are in, so I will continue posting the rest, saving the best for last.  Part two is especially exciting for me because I was able to complete my fisrt rainbow.  This rainbow is "old school", so there were no 1/1s involved.  However, there is a low numbered card that was quite difficult to track down.  Anyways, it is the 2003 Topps Kevin Youkilis ROOKIE Rainbow.

Its only three cards, but it still looks really cool.  The gold is /2003 and the black /52.  This is my fist completed rainbow, but hopefully it won't be my last.  Surprisingly, the last card I got for this rainbow was the gold.  I was inspired to complete this after obtaining the black.  I bought the first one I could find at a decent price.

I still have three more parts to this mail week coming up, and remember I am saving the best for last.  Also, I will try to get some scans of my patch cards up after I am done with this series.



  1. Oh yeah, I told you I would look and see I'd I had 2 of the gold one wasn't I? It doesn't matter now but I didn't have a double of it.

    Congregations on rainbow.

  2. Thanks for looking for me. I hadn't seen one on eBay for the longest time, but all of a sudden a ton of them got listed. I was wondering if the one I ended up buying was from you, but I geuss not.