Monday, June 4, 2012

Epic Mail Week Part 1

I am expecting several packages this week, mostly high end stuff, so I am going to do an Epic Mail Week series.  This first edition starts off with a bang.  This card cost me a little more than a Benjamin, but it was well worth it.  Although I overpaid, it was the only one I have seen surface since the release of the product it was inserted in, 2011 Topps Series 2.  I couldn't risk not seeing another ever surface.  With my luck, five more will surface tommorrow and sell for like five bucks each.  Here is a scan of my newest Kevin Youkilis Jumbo Patch card.

It looks great in person, but unfortunately this isn't the best scan.  It is 20/20, so it is a "double" eBay 1/1.  Last one made, and his jersey number.  This patch is from the old Red Sox away uniforms, probably part of the number.  I like this card because I am a huge fan of patches, and it is of my PC player.

Like I said, this will be a series with this being part one.  I know I am getting at least one of five packages tommorrow, but the rest are a crap shoot.  I think I will save the best card for last (yes, it gets better then this), but I might not be able to wait because it is definately my new favorite card.  I won't wreck anymore surprises though.


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