Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Epic Mail Week Part 3: "Diamond Giveaway"

The next part of this mail week is the arrival of my Diamond Giveway Account.  I did get the set which gave me free shipping as well.  I pulled the 2 Kevin Youkilis cards out of the set, and I am working on putting the rest in order.  Here are some of the singles from my account.  I will start off with some vintage.  Condition is terrible, but it isn't great either.  Nothing too notable here.

 Next is my worst Die Cut, Aaron Hill which is available if anyone wants it.

 Now for my Red Sox Die Cuts.  I am only one shy of the team set (Wade Boggs), but I was able to get 2 Kevin Youkilis die cuts.

After this, there will be two more parts to this series.  I will try to scan my patches, and I have also completed another rainbow (including 1/1) but am just waiting on the package.  Be on the lookout for these posts!


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