Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sick Pedroia Dual Auto Mailday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This latest mailday is definately a really nice card.  As a Red Sox fan, I am a little embaressed to admit that this is my first and only Dustin Pedroia autograph.  Of course it is with Kevin Youkilis, but this is just a nasty card.  I also like it because it also contains game used jersey swatches.

Numbered 2/10, this card has sticker autos.  I really love multiplayer autos because they give a nice variety to my Kevin Youkilis PC.  Its especially nice when they are teammates and won the 2007 World Series together.  I got another package in the mail, so I will post that later.  Also, check out the new want list page.  I haven't added anything yet, but The Pack Prodigy does, so check it out and see if you have anything he needs.


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