Monday, February 25, 2013

My First 2013 Card!

Well, I finally picked up my first cards from 2013 Topps.  Not a pack, but a single and a nice one at that.  While I do hope to pick up some packs some time soon, I prefer buying singles generally because quite frankly I have bad luck when it comes to pack breaks.  This is my first patch pickup in a while too.

This card is numbered 7/25, and features a nice two color patch with stitching.  In person, it is pretty thick.  This is my first Youkilis relic in a White Sox uniform (even though it is a Red Sox swatch), and I think it may be his only White Sox relic as of now.  This is going to sound kind of weird, but this card reminds me of cowboys and the wild west mainly due to the font (hard to tell from the scan, but the font is black with a foil design over it).  I'm also not sure why it says "space exploration", but maybe it is Youk's "calling card".  More mail is coming in this week!


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