Friday, January 6, 2012

What??? Topps Fixed a Mistake for a Customer???

Hey everyone! I ran across a really cool story about Topps actually practicing good customer service. Here's what happened: A collector pulls a Lou Gehrig dual jersey bat knob relic card pictured below.

But wait, something is clearly wrong with this. The jersey swatches are obviously too new to be from a jersey worn by Lou Gehrig. So, the collector sent the card in to Topps, and they actually fixed it? Lets see how they did...

WHAT?????????? That's right, they put a cut auto in the slot where the incorect relics were making an already sick card even sicker. I am really impressed that Topps actually did something about it rather than say "it is a production error and can not be fixed or replaced" like they usually do. So, way to go Topps.


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