Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Couple of Recent Pickups

I have gotten a little behind on posting some of my recent pickups, so what I am going to do is just post the highlights of the last few maildays. I will start off with something that isn't technically a mailday yet, but it will be eventually. It is a Kevin Youkilis Diamond Die Cut I traded for on the Diamond Givaway site. This is my second regular Diamond Die Cut, and I also have an in hand black Diamond Die Cut.

Here the nicest of the batch, a 2008 UD Spectrum Patch /5. It is a pretty nice looking patch and I am glad I could add this to my collection. This cost me $35 which was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was definately worth spening the extra money.

This is a card I got in a trade. This card is actually really nice for a manufactured relic. It is surprisingly thicker than I thought it would be which is dumb considering I have a black version of Tim Lincicum that I pulled in my box of cards for trade. I think Topps needs to cool it with the manufactured relics because I am sick of them.

Well, those are the highlights of my mail week. Hopefully I will have some more new pickups to show you soon.


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