Monday, January 9, 2012

Cards For Cancer (Please Read + Comment)

Hey, everyone. I was musing over my card collection yesterday, and was thinking about why I have so much of this junk wax or cards that just don't fit into any of my PC's. This put something in perspective for me; we are as collectors, in a way, avaricious. We have a desire for an unlimited amount of these worldly things (eg; cards). We could collect so much, but we'd never be happy. People tend to focus their life around this hobby. Now, I love baseball cards, but I have priorities in life, and collecting is merely a hobby. I have tended to spend too much on cards in the past when I know that I could purchase pratical things before splurging on my hobby. The KEY is moderation. Thousands of dollars a year? I don't think about some packs on occasions, maybe if you're feeling the urge to rip. Buy a blaster box, and rip a pack every other day from that box. Kids used to cherish the commons they had. Imagine pulling a base card of your favorite team or player before they had relic, auto, or patch cards? Fan packs are another great, free way to build your collection! And, on occasion, buy a box maybe. Again, moderation is what we as collectors need to develop. Returning to the tons of cards we don't know what to do with, I have a pretty sweet idea. A year ago, my uncle lost his life to cancer, and it took quite a toll on my family and myself. What if, just for a minute, we could brighten the days of cancer patients? My idea, is that we sort through any cards we have that are old, junk wax, dupes, etc, and take a rubber band and group maybe twenty or so cards together. If you can, make it team appropriate for your area. Do this as much as you see fit. Nearly all cities have a Hospital with a Childrens Care program or area, and others with Teen Programs. Take an old box, and package the banded cards in the box, and one day either mail it or deliver it in person to the hospital. These people go through the worst pain imaginable in life. If we, as collectors, band together once or twice a year and deliver cards to our respective hospitals, imagine the smiles on the kids faces when they find out what a cool premise collecting is. Also, consider putting some up for ebay as a charitable auction, and donate all of the proceeds to the many options of cancer care and research. Please, folks, consider this task. It is just a little thing we can do to help these people. I propose one day a year where we auction off some cards, even relics or hits, and donate the proceeds. In the mean time, individual donations can go a long way. PLEASE, if you are willing to do this, comment below and let us know we have support. Thank you, and God Bless. -T.P.P.

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