Monday, August 5, 2013

Incredible Vacation Card Haul (Part 1)

Hey, everyone. I haven't posted in a while, as I've been at Cape Cod for 2 weeks. However, during those 2 weeks, I was able to accomplish so much in regards to my card collection. I visited a flea market, 2 baseball card stores, and a mall, in each of which I found cards of all varieties. I managed some incredible pulls, the best of which I will showcase in the last part of these segments.

The first part of this set of posts highlights my pickups from a flea market, all of which I acquired for the total of only a dollar. Two cards were for my Throwback PC, and two were for my Pitchers at the Plate PC. Also, I picked up a pretty notable rookie card for what was essentially free.

The two throwback cards were from the $0.25 box, which was a more than welcome find for my taste. The bottom right card is a 1991 Stadium Club Sammy Sosa, which features him in a White Sox throwback. Above that is a 2003 Donruss Miguel Tejada, featuring him in the A's famous yellow throwbacks.

The top left card is a 2004 Fleer Tradition Randy Johnson, and directly below that is a 2003 Ultra Jason Jennings. Both cards feature pitchers batting, one of my newer potential PC's.

Lastly,  the top right card is a Just Minors issue minor league card of Clay Buchholz. As a Red Sox fan and a fan of Clay, I found this to be a no brainer. When I brought the cards to the sales table and the toal was $1.50, the owner threw in the Buchholz and had me hand over exactly one semi-wrinkled dollar.

Pretty incredible pickups for only a dollar!

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