Saturday, August 10, 2013

Incredible Vacation Card Haul (Part 2) + I Chime In In Recent PED Suspensions

This post is a continuation of me showing off some of my awesome pickups and pulls from my vacation at Cape Cod. This time, I'm showcasing pickups from my trip to Pastime Cards & Collectibles, a baseball card store in Yarmouth, MA.

I picked through a little-known gem in the storekeepers dollar bin, which yielded some nice cards for my throwback collection. The first is a 2012 Topps Team Set Variation Ervin Santana, which features him in a nifty LA Angles throwback.

The next card is a 2011 Topps Ryan Braun. 

It's quite disconcerting to hear of the still well-and-alive usage of PED's at the pro and minor league levels, as many people, myself included, had hoped that a newer era beyond expansive PED use had been ushered in. At least as it appears now, that is not the truth. That being said, I respect and admire the MLB's decision to suspend an unprecedented 13 players for PED usage, with Alex Rodriguez suspension being the most harsh. His suspension is currently under appeal, but assuming it is upheld the 211 game suspension will be the longest and harshest suspension the likes of the MLB has ever dished out...and for entirely justifiable reasons as it appears. A-Rod is accused of being a cheater, and I feel like that is a totally accurate and justifiable statement. We'll see how it plays out, but I certainly hope Rodriguez is suspended so as to be effectively removed from the game.

Anyhow, the next card I bought was one I had seen on Dime Box Nick's Blog and I'd been meaning to add to my want list on the blogs sidebar. I looked and looked in the stores Nomar binder, and to my joy I found it on the second or third to last page in the binder. It really is a sick card, and as Nick said you don't often find Red Sox throwback uniforms on cards. The set the card is from is actually 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated; It's from an insert subset called "Legends of Today".

As for my Pedroia PC, I added a 2012 Topps "Career Day" insert to my collection.
Also, I pulled two Red Sox cards from a pack of 2013 Archives: a David Ortiz and a Jim Rice insert.

That's all for now. Next installment of this segment, I'll showcase the pinnacle pickups of my vacation!


  1. Nice Nomar! The one I have is actually from a different set (Fleer Tradition), but features a shot taken from the same game.

    Love the Jim Rice Archives insert as well!

    1. Thanks, bro. Yeah, I wasn't really positive if it was the Nomar featured on your blog, but I loved the uniform nonetheless and knew I had to have the card. And yeah, I like the Rice also. I was pretty happy considering I pulled two Red Sox cards from the same pack of Archives.