Friday, July 19, 2013

First Mailday in a While; Rainbow Complete!

Hey, I haven't been able to post much over the summer due to limited computer access and the fact that I am slowly transitioning into a break from this hobby.  This isn't a matter of me being dissatisfied with the hobby or uninterested, but rather me going off to college this fall.  I will try to post when possible, but it will be limited with all of my schoolwork.

Now onto the mail day.  I purchased this 2009 Bowman Red 1/1 off of eBay of my PC player Kevin Youkilis.  Now this wasn't really a rainbow I was working on, but when I got this card I discovered that I had a completed rainbow!

This was certainly a pleasant surprise and the red 1/1 cost me only $20.  I should have some more posts soon of pack breaks from my trip to a card store.


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