Thursday, January 17, 2013

Golden Giveaway Reminder and My Results

Hey, everyone, just wanted to remind everyone that Topps Golden Giveaway is ending at the end of the month.  On January 31st, all trading and code entering must be done.  However, cards can be shipped until March 1st.  This year's Golden Giveaway was not as popular as previous encarnations such as Million Card Giveaway and Diamond Giveaway.  Collectors seemed to be unhappy with getting virtual coins instead of actual cards.  This year I entered around 30 codes and pulled two die cuts.  After trading, I currently have the following two die cuts in my gallery.

I'm trying to trade the Kershaw for a Pedroia, and I plan on keeping the Lester.  The die cuts look nice this year, and my only complaint is that they are so hard to get.  If anyone has a Pedroia they are willing to trade for my Kershaw, please comment below and I will gladly trade (on the site, cards not in hand).


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