Thursday, January 24, 2013


Like I said before, my COMC mailday had a lot of milestones.  The last milestone I reached was a bigger one.  Now, I own 25% of all Kevin Youkilis cards including 1/1s.  That is 1 out of 4 Youk cards.  Here is the card that pushed me over, a 2009 Topps Sterling base /250.

It is an eBay 1/1 because his current number is and rookie number was #36.  This is probably the nicest base card I've ever seen.  The picture has a refractor/ foil like coating and is then framed.  Of course, I would expect that from a set as expensive as Sterling though.  Not the highest end card, but I like it for my PC and am happy to reach the 25% milestone.  I do have another milestone I hope to acheive in the next couple of weeks which will be 500 unique cards.


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