Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best. Pull. Ever. (200-250$ SMV!)

I was at the Newbury Comics at my local mall the other day, which by the way is the same store from which I bought the pack which I pulled my first printing plate from, and I bought a Hobby Pack of 2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects with the intention of finding some hot-market RC's or some Will Middlebrooks cards. What I pulled was even better...
An 2012 Bowman DP&P Albert Almora Blue Refractor Autograph!
This is scan from one of only a handfull of current eBay listings, as my printer is currently not working.
This GEM is numbered 97/150, and is selling on ebay as a BIN between 200-250! Here are a few listings below! I havent seen any sell below $125.
2. This one sold yesterday at a bid for $150
3. This sold in Late December for $190.50
4. This one is a BIN for $300
The funny thing is this past summer at our town "fair" I bought his 2010 Bowman Team USA Autograph, albeit a faded version, for $5. If this 2012 1st Round DP and Team USA 2011 Athlete of the Year + U-18 standout pans out like the Cubs hope, his cards could skyrocket in value. On the contrary, if he ends up being a bust after a productive first minor league season the value could take a steep drop.
Although the decision rests with me, some input as to if I should keep this card and sell it later, keep it altogether, or sell it now would be a nice idea. Anyone feel free to tell me what you think in the comment section below!


  1. Great pull! I would hang onto it. I held onto my Trout auto for 3 years and the value went from $30 to $500. When he hits the big leagues, this will skyrocket in value. Congrats!!!

  2. By the way, what does SMV stand for???