Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Booklet Mailday With an Even Sicker Patch

Last mailday post, I talked about where the mystery patch may have come from and said that I had a new peice of evidence.  Well, that evidence is now in hand and it is gorgeous.

This is the base version of the emerald booklet from the last post.  Looking at this Youkilis swatch, you will see a different part of the same laundry tag.  This peice has clear lettering with STA on top and AME on bottom.  It is hard to tell from the scan, but to the left of what spells STAR is a small red star which makes this patch 3 colors.  The card is numbered 13/36.  This is my first patch with lettering like this.  My only other patches with recognizable lettering are jumbo patches, so they don't really count.  I am psyched to have this card for my PC.


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