Friday, August 19, 2011

I Really Hate To Break It To You...

But the contreversy that has subtly been pushed to the back burner over stadium seat relics on supposed game used cards in earlier Topps Tribute previews is a moot point; the card previewed is a computer generated image that Topps uses on all bat relic cards. Hell, the previews aren't even actual cards, they're purely computer designs.

Also, Topps is once again scheduled in 2012 to be a sellout with their tired theme of some obscure-titled giveaway and some sort of diamond, gold, encrusted trash heap which they call parallels. Note that the theme is essentially a gold version of this years set. So much for a fresh idea each year, Michael Esiner. You and your unkept promises can go lock yourselves in the firery pits of a massive junk-wax bonfire.

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