Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Night Irene

It's weird how something so sudden that occurs in one's life can really put things in perspective. Take the recent Hurricane Irene; it takes your mind off of life's simpler things and brings forth the broader panoramic view of ones life. There was deaths, injuries, and  damage to severe to label...and some people got pissed over the rescheduling of some baseball games due to the inclimate weather caused by the storm. My family and myself were fortunate enough to only get heavy winds and rain that brought no damage or power loss or flooding. Here I am spewing off about putting life's  important things over minor things, yet irony chomps down on me. There was a period of time where I paniced about the safety of my cards and mem'...point is we're not all perfect. We all worry about material things. I have several items of my past memories with my uncle and myself before he passed away from cancer, and I worry about those being safe as well. If you put aside our attachment to our posessions in times like these, it will give meaningful insight about the big picture. (Note: My cards are ok...haha) Keep Rippin- T.P.P.

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