Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cardboard Adventure: Part 2!

This was my second trip to Pastime Cards and Collectables, and this time I brought more money. I didn't get any singles because I had cleaned him out about a week and a half ago, but I bought a bunch of packs. Here is what I bought...

- 4 packs 2011 Allen and Ginter
- 4 packs 2011 Bowman Platinum
- 2 packs 2011 Series 2
- 2 packs 2011 Series 2 Jumbo

While I was there I redeemed my two Prime Nines, 3 Jackie Robinson, and 9 Sandy Koufax. I did pretty well with my packs too. Out of Allen and Ginter, I pulled a Stan Lee SP autograph. Out of Series 2, I got 2 diamond giveaways, and a Carlos Pena auto. The diamond giveaway codes yeilded me a 1970 base, and a Matt Holiday die cut. Finally, I pulled a Cody Scarpetta auto out of the platinum. Here are the scans!

Part 3 to come...


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