Friday, July 16, 2010

Too Funny to Ignore

For about the past hour, I've been running through the Cardboard Junkie's blogroll and checking out a handful of sites that looked interesting. When I went on BDJ610's blog, I couldn't help but laughing at the poll he set up on what Topps should name this year's Updates edition. Reason being, 23 people out of 142 (16%) voted to name it "Stephen Strasburg and 329 other guys.". The winning vote of 52 people (36%)was for "Topps Series 3". I mean, come on....series 3? As if Topps doesn't milk the monopolized card market enough by stretching the base brand out through 2 series'. Granted, Series 2 is good to include new rookies,lesser-known or average players and unsung heroes, but couldn't they just include all of that in an updates product and expand series 1 to about 25% more cards. I do like series 2; In fact I like it a lot, but how Topps raises product prices like gas and skimps us on certain brand's quality with a monopolized card business is just evil. It's worse then what McDonald's does with selling Coke's, considering it costs them not even $0.15 to make a 24 oz. Coke and they charge us $1.75 to buy one. I mean, I do love some Topps products, but others I cant stand. Besides, knowing that my hard earned cash is lining the pockets of the cheap, money-grubbing, pedophile-like, bastard Michael Esiner, the CEO of Topps, just really makes me want to drive to New York from Massachusetts, knock on his office door, and land one below the belt. That has to easily be the best method of stress relief in the card world.
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