Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Update

Hey, everyone. Well, the computer has been OFICIALY set up again, and I'm back in business. So, as a sort of welcoming back for myself, I went on to and redeemed 3 of my codes. I was extremely happy with my haul. Here's a basic rundown of what I got.

1) 1975 Topps Ernie Mcnally
2) 1973 Topps Chuck Taylor
3) 2000 Topps Armando Benitez

The first two cards I was extremely happy about because the 1975 card design is one of the most monumental and renowned Topps designs of all-time. And, the 1973 card is of a good player. The last card, granted, was a bust, but it's always a viable trade bait option. I'll have the cards scans when I receive them in the mail. Meanwhile, I have the scans of the MCG Redemptions themselves.

Obviously the cards I unlocked varied, but still, three great players are pictured on the redemption cards.

Card of the day:

Description: I got this gem in 2007 at Chris's Sports Card Store in the Hampton Beach area of New Hampshire for $2.50. That was a steal considering Papelbon's current career success.

That's going to do it for now, everyone. Thanks for being so patient with the lack of updates! I appreciate it.
Keep Breakin'

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