Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Review of 2012's Goals

Hey, everyone!  I would like to use this post to look back on 2012 and see what I did and didn't accomplish from my hobby goals.

1) Get to 500 unique Kevin Youkilis cards in my PC.

I got really close, but I came up just shy.  I am currently at 479 cards with a couple in coming.  I am really bummed I couldn't complete this one but it will be done in a few weeks.

2) Get my collection organized.

This was a fail.  My Youk PC is very organized, but everything else is just shoved in boxes carelessly because they aren't important to me.

3) Post on the blog more.

Another fail, infact I posted significantly less this year.  I have just been so busy this year.

4) Acquire a 2003 Bowman Chrome Kevin Youkilis Gold Refractor Autograph before the world ends.

Well, the world did not end and I picked up one of these.  I barely made this one and I actually just bought the card a couple days ago.  It is still in the mail though.  For those of you who don't know, this card is the HOLY GRAIL of Kevin Youkilis cards comparable to the modern day superfractor auto.  Back in the day, gold was the lowest numbered parrellel number to just 50 copies.

So all in all, I wasn't the most successfull.  The goals I didn't complete will just roll over to next year and I will have a few new goals.  Happy New Year's to everybody and I hope you are able to complete your resolutions!


PS- I hate posting without pictures, so here is a random card from my collection.

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