Thursday, December 19, 2013

5 Days Until Christmas!

It's been a month since I done so much as looked at the blog, let alone posted. To be honest, my life independent of the blog has been so hectic that I've had virtually no time to post. That, and I've lacked relevant inspiration for posting. Mix those two issues together and you have a month-long layoff from blogging. Between celebrating Advent and Christmas time with my family, school, and a lot of other things, I've been so preoccupied.

But hey, it's 5 days until Christmas. Time to spread some Holiday Cheer, right? I love Christmas. Not only am I celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, whom I follow as a practicing Catholic, but I love the aspect of family gatherings and the simple things like the sipping of hot chocolate around a fire. Something I really enjoy is receiving cards for Christmas. I went Black Friday shopping, and picked out some packs for my Mom to get me for Christmas. Even then, she still gets me some cards that I didn't pick out or see her buy, and they are an always-welcome surprise.

I've actually pulled some very interesting cards on Christmas. In fact, some of my favorite pulls of all time have been from packs I've received for Christmas. I actually pulled a Pedro Martinez game used BAT card out of Topps Turkey Red in 2006. It's funny how I always pull something good on Christmas. I'll share some of those pulls within the next few days!