Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hey everyone! I've been really absent from the blog for a good week or two because school started up again, and I've had seemingly endless amounts of work and almost no time. However, I do need to post a few updates in the coming future. One is part two of my "Weekend Trip" where I picked up some cards at the flea market. The second is all of my 12 or so recent ebay pickups. Those will have scans in the very near future.

Now, however, is a scan of a card you all can appreciate. I've been meaning to post this beauty for quite some time. I pulled this out of an $7.00 pack of 2012 Bowman Platinum. Worth the money, if you as me (cue atypical understatement.)
Woah. 2012 Bowman Platinum Mike Trout GUJ Auto.
(photo c/o
It's selling upwards of 150-200 bills on ebay, and has sold no lower than 100 in the past year. I'm definitely hanging on to this card of a surefire all-star for years to come.