Monday, February 27, 2012

My New Superfractor!!!

I guess technically it is not a Superfractor, but it basically is. This card is numbered 1/1 and is truely a gorgeous card. I am super stoked to get this for my collection. With this in hand, I think I am going to go for the rainbow which should be easy because I only need 2 more cards to complete it.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recent Pack Breaks: Golden Giveaway Fail/ Win

After being dragged to the mall, I stumbled across a Newbury Comics so I had to check out the card section. I didn't want to spend to much because of a big purchase I am making today (I'll post it later) so I settled on one jumbo and one regular pack of 2012 Topps. Overall I think I did pretty good for two packs. The highlights were a Prime Nine redemption, a Golden Giveaway code, and a black parellel /61.

I thought the fun was over, but when I redeemed my Golden Giveaway code someting strange happened. The code turned out to be a Robinson Cano ring, my second player ring. The site then told me that I had reached the three you need to get a free code. I wasn't going to turn down a free code, so I used it and got a David Price Die Cut! What luck!

I ended up trading it later for a nice Adrian Gonzalez Die Cut that will stay in my PC. Not bad for a Golden Giveaway glitch.


Friday, February 17, 2012

I'll Take This For $10 All Day Long

After getting a good deal on my jumbo patch, I have a bunch of money left, so I spent some of it on this, and hopefully the rest will last till next weekend when I will probably get out to a card store.  For $10 this is a steal.  Problem was, the starting bid was $10 which scares off bidders.  Another thing was it was only a 24 hour auction, so not much time for people to see it.  It is a nice 2 color patch numbered 5/25.  For now all I have is the crappy scan that was used in the auction, but I will get a better scan of it when I get it in hand. 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Jumbo Patch Pickup

Hey, I just wanted to share a new jumbo patch I picked up off of eBay.  I have three others already, so this is my forth.  They are also numbered 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, and 4/6.  It would be really cool if I could eventually get all six of them.  I will post scans of them together when I get it in the mail.  This patch is the top of the C and A (I have the bottom peice too) from AMERICAN.  Also, you can see the edge of the star in the top right corner which serves as the dot on the I.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My New Blue Jays Hat Inspired Me To Post My Favorite Blue Jays Card (MUST SEE)...

I don't usually post random cards, but after buying a new Blue Jays hat, I feel inspired to post my favorite Blue Jays card. Even though he is no longer on the Blue Jays, I would consider him the best pitcher to ever play for the Blue Jays. This is a card that I pulled myself out of a hobby box of 2010 Upper Deck Baseball. I saw the thickness, so naturally I saved it for last. I slid the card so I couldn't see the player, but I could see the team and position. Pretty dissapointed to get a Blue Jays pitcher so I slid and saw the patch. Okay, this is the sickest patch I have ever pulled. Finally I slid and revealed the player, Roy Halladay. Duh, I almost forgot about him because when I pulled this, he was no longer on the Blue Jays. I will let the card speak for itself...


Monday, February 13, 2012

Interesting Non Cards Sports Related Purchase

You might be wondering what this is, so here we go. Besides baseball cards, I also have quite a few hats. So today I ordered a couple more hats. The first one is the new Blue Jays hat.

I really like the colors and the nice old school type logo. I am a huge fan of this hat and I love the new jerseys that go with them. Now the next one may be a shocker to some of you. After writing this...

I have changed my mind about the new Marlins Uniform. I think they are kind of cool looking now, so that is why I picked up their hat.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Didn't Know Upper Deck First Edition Had Hits

I busted a lot of Upper Deck first edition back in 2007 and 2008, and I never pulled anything of note. A few days ago, I discovered there actually are hits in this product. I used to just bust it because it was dirt cheap and fun to open, but I didn't know there were jersey cards in there. I must have opened like 50+ packs of it between loose packs and blaster boxes and never pulled anything besides base. The reason why I discovered this is because someone offered to trade me a Youkilis jersey from this set. Anyways, the card arrived in the mail the other day and it is sweet. This card is really thick for a jersey, so thick it is in a 180pt toploader. The design is great, and I really apreciate the red jersey swatch. Well, here it is...

Man this would be a great design for a patch card or laundry tag.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beefing Up My Auto Collection

After looking through my PC at the beginning of the year, I tried to look for things my collection was lacking. Relics- no, base- hell no, 1/1s- no, and finally I get to autographs and realize I don't have that many. So, I have been trying to pick up more autographs lately. I really strive to have a diverse collection that includes a little bit of everything. Anyways, I ended up getting this in a trade...

This card is really nice, and it was a really easy trade. The other trader also threw in some nice Red Sox cards including a 2006 Bowman Chrome Jonathan Papelbon rookie, and a 2006 Bowman Chrome Kevin Youkilis base. I sent him off a 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Auto of Aroldis Chapman for his Aroldis Chapman PC.

I also joined in on the 2012 Topps bananza and busted a blaster box. I will share the results with you when I get the pictures loaded onto my computer. With the new 2012 Topps release, I officially get pumped for Spring Training. Good luck to anyone who is busting 2012 Topps!!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boom- Mojo!!!

Here's a couple of my most recent maildays. I have been on an auto kick recently. So, I will start off with a 2004 Donruss Xtra Bases Autograph /100 of Kevin Youkilis. This is a beautiful card with a nice autograph.

And here is the big boy. It is a 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Triple Patch Autograph 5/10 of Youk. The patches are really nice, and the autograph is on card. This is one of my favorite autographed cards and my first autographed relic card. I also really like the photo they used on the card. Enjoy...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Love...YES LOVE...2012 Topps

The design is sweet. The inserts are silky smooth, Gold or not. Gold Standard, Golden Futures? Brilliant with or without the gold. The Gold Standard design takes a look at some notable milestones of baseball players careers, and focus on a player who reached said milestone. The Golden Futures are sweet and contrast gold with black and white very well, a brilliant idea of a portraying prospects who have bright futures in the MLB. The "Golden Moments" are great, as well! It's like a revamped Topps 60! The Golden Greats are nice, also, but I personally like the other inserts better. Who could forget the '87 minis? Perfect replications of a classic Topps design with today's stars like Chase Utley and Dustin Pedroia. The golden shiny takes on the base cars are a welcome insert as well. Now, my only beef, if you could call it that, is the manu-patches might be a little to much, as opposed to actual autos and relics. But, nonetheless, Topps came through with some sweet manu-patches this year, and they look very appealing to the eye. The autos look nice, as do the relics. I love the product, and hope to pick it up soon.

Topps 2012 Goes Live

Hey, everyone. Topps 2012 Series 1 has been released. Boxes come in at somewhere around $60 a pop. Note that there are some sweet SSP's in the form of Jose Reyes in a Miami Marlins uni, and Albert Pujols in an LA Angels uni. Plus, there is a Skip Schumaker card with a "Rally Squirrel" on it. Gimmicky or good fun? What's your opinion?