Monday, February 28, 2011

Mailday and Reminder

I got these in the mail today from Ebay. I am still waiting for one more. Just a reminder, today is the last day to request delivery for your Topps Million Card Giveaway cards. Keep in mind that shipping is expensive, and card will most likely not show up in mint condition.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I opened my mailbox today and found this 2010 Topps Heritage dual stamp card numbered 50/50 of Kevin Youkilis and Troy Tulowitzki. This card contain two stamps that were modeled after the stamps that Topps made in the 50's. The stamps are framed on the card under a layer of plastic much like the Allen and Ginter relics. I am still waiting on a few more maildays this week(or next week)!

1994 Collector's Choice Future Foundation Custom - Ryan Kalish

2010 Topps Chrome/Updates Loosies

Hey, everyone. I ripped a pack each of 2010 Topps Updates and 2010 Topps chrome, and these are some of the highlights.

Mike Pelfrey Purple Refractor 204/599
Stephen Strasburg RC
Mike Stanton RC
J.A. Happ Refractor
Jose Tabata Rookie Debut
Austin Jackson Rookie Debut

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick Mailday!!!

I bought this off Ebay, and it is sweet!!! I really like it because Youk and A-Gon are teammates now! I will have some more maildays in a few days including a 1/1, and other sweet Youks. By the way, I now own 202/1474 Youkilis cards which is 13.7%.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Blog Format!

Hey, everyone. I decided to make a custom blog header, and after about an hour of tweaking it, I finally like it! Enjoy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Redemption Mailday

I just got in 2 refractor packs from the Topps Chrome wrapper redemption program. Its hard to tell from the scans, but they are refractors.

Blog Bat Around: Fixing 2011 Topps Baseball

As many of you know, Stale Gum put out a challenge to blogger:

Michael Eisner has just fired the entire Topps Product Development staff and chose to hire you to take their place. Mr. Eisner has given you carte blanche to do whatever you want with Topps Baseball -- as long as you keep it under $2/pack.

If you were in charge of Topps, and based upon what you've seen of 2011 Topps Baseball Series One, what (if anything) would you have done differently?

Post your response to respective blogs, or if you don't have one, in the comments below.

Here is my response...
Take all of the leather glove plate and put serial numbers on them. Even after they are numbered, they need to be "extra's", not a "relic". Take out the history of Topps insert set, because nobody cares about the history of Topps. Patch cards would be inserted 1 per case. There would be 1 SP in every box, which could include retired legend variations, sprkle variations, or the Crawford/ Gonzalez SP's. The autograph checklist would be much stronger and wouldn't include all of the no-names. Topps needs to fix the printing errors in the 60th aniversairy insert set. I also beleive topps needs to get rid of some of the insert sets. It is getting to a point where there are more inserts than base cards in the pack, which some people might like, but it must be a nightmare for people trying to complete the base set. That is the end of my rant!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I got these in with some Youk base. I currently have 13.3% of Youkilis cards, including 1/1's.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1998 SpX Finite Spectrum Custom

Hey, guys. I've worked on this one for a little while, and I'm pretty happy with the result. I'll probably start some more of various sets soon. A quick note; 2011 Topps was released, and the Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford Red Sox Uniform SP's are selling high between $80-100.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Baseball


I would say this was an average box, but I won't complain too much because I hit a nice Youkilis jersey for my PC, which is the first relic I have pulled of him.. I also enjoyed pulling all of the Red Sox relics, and also pulled an Adrian Gonzalez base /699. One problem with this box was that I was shorted my 6 memorabilia swatch relic. Also, my Jordan Schafer auto is very off center. With this I got a free pack of 2010 Upper Deck baseball, but did not pull anything out of that. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mail Day

I got these in the mail today. The auto is a red variation /133. I should have a box break of 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection tommorow, but it might be delayed because of the snow.