Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Topps Allen and Ginter Box Break and Review

Hi everybody! I just busted a box of 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter and thought I would share the results. I love busting wax, but ussually opt to buy PC cards instead. I have already busted 2 boxes of Allen and Ginter plus a bunch of packs, so I am pretty close to having a complete set, so I bought this box hoping to fill it. Unfortunatley, I did not finish my set, but here are the highlights of the box. I also bought a jumbo pack of 2011 Topps Updates and Highlights.

Three relics, kind of dissapointing, especially because 2 of them are Yankees. I was hoping for a nice auto, or a rip card. I guess I just don't have very good luck.

Here are a couple of regular minis.

Wait, they aren't regular minis. One is a ginter code mini, and the other is a Bazooka back. The code mini used to sell for $100+ before the code was solved. Now it sells for a astonishing $2-3. The Bazooka back is pretty cool, but it is really too bad that it is Rajai Davis. I really like that it is hand numbered. These are actually tough pulls. Did you know that Bazooka backs are rarer than rip cards?

Oh, a hit from the lone pack of Update! I really love this set, so I was excited pull this. When I opened it, I didn't see a thick card, so I was really surprised when I got it. The picture on the actual card is blurry though. Way to go Topps!

All in all, it was a pretty good break. The best hit was easily the bazooka back mini card. In Allen and Ginter, I always do bad with the memorabelia cards, autographs, ect., but I do pull a lot of rare minis. It was nice to pull the extra jersey too out of the single pack. I would say this was my best of the 3 boxes of Allen and Ginter I have busted this year. Here are my "grades" for the box.

Base: A I like this years design. I also like the variety of athletes and other people in the set. This is the first set I have ever tried to complete, so you know it is a good set. I also like the short printed base and that makes it a more challenging set to put together. The only reason I am not giving it an A+ is because I don't like the horizontal cards too much.

Inserts: B+ I think that the ship inserts are cool, but other than that I could go without them. However, I do like the mini cards and variations. I have done very well in the mini department over the years. My only problem with the mini cards is I don't like the mini inserts. I would much rather have my mini be a player.

Hits: C+ Unless you get lucky, you are going to get 3 crappy jersey cards. This product does have potential for nice hits though with rip cards, book cards, and unique autos. I also love that the printing plates are framed. Silk cards are also nice bonus hits.

Thrill Factor: B- It is 24 packs with 3 hits, not to thrilling. Especially when these hits are 1 color jersey cards. I would like to se some patch cards in this product, and maybe some serial numbered base variations.

Packaging: A+ The box is really nice, and that package design is nice. I also am a sucker for box toppers.

Overall: B+ There are some nice cards in this product, but I think it is more of a set collectors product. This is not a product for people looking for big hits. It is fun to break, but more often then not, you will end up with 3 crappy jersey cards.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everbody!

Hi everybody! I would just like to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great time and is safe today. I honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to share 5 cards I am thankfull for. Feel free to comment on cards and other things you are thankfull for.

Okay, I couldn't pick just five. Have a great holladay everybody!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blue Jays Unis Kick It Old School

Following suit with the changes of uniforms around the MLB, the Toronto Blue Jays have officialy changed their uniforms to match the uniforms they used up until 2001... take a look and comment with opinions. My honest opinion? Hate it. Like Peter Griffin hates "The Godfather".

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Miami Marlins: What Do You Think?

As we all know, the Marlins are moving to Miami and have decided to get all new jerseys and hats. They are as follows...

BP Jersey

Alternate Jersey

Away Jersey

Home Jersey

BP Hat

Away Hat

Home Hat

Thoughts and Opinions:

-I like the orange hat and jersey the best.

-I am not a fan of the home and away jerseys.

-The jerseys aren't gramatically correct (plural of Marlin is Marlin, not Marlins) (no, I'm not an English teacher).

-I don't understand why they changed their name, colors, ect. They are still in Florida after all.

-The logo doesn't really scream Marlins to me. If you squint, it kind of almost looks like a rainbow fish.

-They are a little to Rainbowey. They look like a minor league team's uniform/ colors.

-"To me its like a Mini Cooper. I think they are cool as hell, but I would never be caught dead in one"- Member

Now that I've shared my thoughts and opinions, I would like to here yours. Please coment below with you thoughts and opinions of the new Miami Marlins, and I will add them to a later post of readers opinions. Also, comment if you like them or not and I will tally the total to see if people generally like them or dislike them.


My Merciless Opinion on Papelbon

Jonathan Papelbon signed with the Phillies for 4 years $50+ Million. Of course, knowing this idiot, money means the world to him. Disregard the fact that you won a championship here in Boston, the fact that your fan base would be bigger here than down in Phili, that you would have been paid well here...hell, just throw the entire time you spent here out the window, as if you'll pretend it didn't even happen. Getting paid a little more there is better than getting paid anything less here in Boston. Screw the circumstances... Pffssshhh, everyone should know that logic. Screw loyalty, screw the fact that you essentially had a song dedicated to you. Screw the past, right? Well guess what, Papel-jerk, screw you!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tons of New Cards!

I will start with the worst, and get progressively better. I will start off with just a jersey card. It is okay, but unfortunately it was creased in the mail. This was not the sender's fault, as it was sent in a bubble mailer, but oh well.

Yay, another creased jersey card, only this time it was the sender's fault. Sent via PWE! I just love getting creased cards for my PC! When will people learn that you can send thick cards in a PWE?

Here are some new 1/1 printing plates. I got 2 of them in a trade from Beckett, and I bought 1 on ebay. I finally have some more magenta!

Now here come my personal favorites from this batch. Two patch cards from the new triple threads. Both numbered to 3.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Rough Reality of Albert Pujols

He's a free agent... Albert Pujols...perhaps even more of an anticipated star of offseason free-agency than LeBron James and all those shennanigans with "The Decision" two summers ago. Does he stay or does he go? His heart likely says stay, but the money might be elsewhere. This chart explains it all in my opinion.