Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dollar Store Card Assortment Repack (Results)

Hey, everyone.

I've got some scans of my latest "pack" rips from the dollar store.
First, a couple housekeeping items to address. Now that summer break is here, definitely anticipate more posting on the behalf of myself and 20youksox. Obviously with school being over, we'll certainly have more time to attend to the blog. Additionally, keep an eye out for some scans from trades, pack rips, etc. Generally speaking, our scans have do a good job of summarizing the contents of our post.

The other day, 20youksox and I went to our local Dollar Store in search of some "JunkBalls" to play wiffleball with. As I had found them there and picked up a few previously, I was anticipating there to be some. Unfortunately, we came up empty in that department. I, however, had some dollars to spend and noticed a relatively new addition to the card section.

There were about 50-100 card "packs" each available for (shockingly) $1.00. There was a clear plastic packaging wrapped around each stack of cards, so I was able to pull out all of the stacks in order to chose the packs based solely on the front and back cards respectively. I found a few that I like, specifically ones featuring somewhat modern-era Red Sox cards or other players of note.

Now, as collectors, we are all able to determine the general time period which cards were produced based on the material/coloring used. I looked from a side view, and as no surprise to me did I find junk wax upon junk wax below the top cards. The majority held those, but several didn't, which are the ones I ultimately decided to buy.

What I pulled wasn't anything less than I expected, if not a little better than anticipated.

The first two cards in the top row are some of my favorite pulls; they honestly remind me of something Dime Box Nick would appreciate due to their interesting concepts and photo/design. The cards are from 1998 Metal Universe, and in the background they feature a panorama-esque picture of the location where the player on the card plays. For example, the Hideki Irabu of the Yankees features a New York City skyline and the Empire State building, while the card of Royals 1B Jeff King features train tracks running across farm land in Kansas City. They honestly look a lot cooler in person.

The last card in the top row was featured on the top of the card stack, which is a reason I picked it. It's a 2004 Topps Aaron Hill First Year Card, which features the current D-Backs second baseman in his Blue Jays years. I personally found it worthy enough of my dollar.

The first card in the bottom row is a 2002 UD Diamond Collection Cliff Floyd base card, which again is the reason I picked the stack it belonged to. I know he was a short-term Sox player, but I still saw it fit to find a home in my Red Sox binder. Next we have a card included in the middle of a stack which features Jason Varitek from 2010 Topps. Another card for my Red Sox binder, which I also find unique because it features the Captain's "C" displayed prominently on the torso of Tek. Surprisingly, I don't see a lot of his cards with the Captains patch. The next card is for trade for any Yankees fans. It's a 1990 Bowman Bernie Williams RC, which was found somewhere in the middle of a pack. I was surprised to pull it, as the repack company obviously didn't notice that it featured a RC of a 5x All Star and 4x Gold Glove Outfielder. He's actually ranked the 134th best hitter of all time by Pro Baseball Reference.

The last card I really like. It's a 1988 Donruss RC of current Red Sox skipper John Farrel from the iconic "Rated Rookies" subset of Donruss. I find it pretty neat and definitely worthy of a spot in my binder.

That's all.  Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pack Rip: 2013 Bowman Jumbo

I was looking through some I my Youk cards today when I ran into a pack of 2013 Bowman Jumbo that I busted a while ago but never got around to posting.  Now that I remember, it was a pretty good pack.  The first highlight was a Jurickson Profar rookie card.

And behind him was his buddy Mike Olt.

In the prospects, I managed to pull the number 2 overall pick Byron Buxton.

Next, I pulled a craacked ice of

So far, so good, but I also pulled an autograph.

Patrick Wisdom was the Saint Louis Cardinals first round draft pick in 2012.  This card isn't worth much, but between all of these cards I definately got my money's worth out of this pack.  I was just thrilled to pull some kind of auto.  After finding this pack, I found a pack of 2013 Gypsy Queen that I never posted either, so I will post that eventually too.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Segment: Check Out My Youks

I haven't really been inspired to post lately.  Trying to reverse this, I came up with a new segment called Check Out My Youks that I will post weekly if it goes over well.  In this segment, I will showcase a Kevin Youkilis card from my PC that I haven't previously shown on the blog.  We'll start off with this.

This autographed manufactured letter patch was a card that really got my Youkilis PC rolling.  After getting this card as a Christmas gift, I decided to start collecting Kevin Youkilis.  This decision was based on Youk being my favorite player and hero, and that fact that I had began to acquire quite a few of his cards: several relics, a few autographs and countless base cards.

Numbered 4/20, this is still one of the few autographs in my PC.  If any part part of my PC is lacking, it is definately the auto department.  I'm not sure why, but autographs just don't excite me as much relics and patches.

If I do say so myself, I feel as if my epic patch collection makes up for this.

So that was the first Check Out My Youks post.  Hopefully people enjoy this and I will try to post one of these every week.  I am also planning to bring back my Random PC Card of the Week segment that was pretty popular while I was still running it.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Finished My First Bowman Chrome Autographed Rainbow!

I finally ponied up the cash for the last card I needed for my 2003 Bowman Chrome Kevin Youkilis Autographed Rainbow.  As usual, it wasn't the rarest card in the rainbow that I needed.  The last card this time was the regular refractor version.  The reason it took so long to pick up is that when they pop up on ebay, they are usually a buy it now set at higher than I want to pay.  Finally, one popped up for $25 with free shipping and it arrived in the mail today.

Now, for the rest of the rainbow.  2003 Bowman Chrome, an early version of Bowman Chrome had less refractor versions than the modern version.  2003 had only gold refractors numbered to 50, x-fractors numbered to 250, refractors numbered to 500, and of course the regular version numbered out of 1700.  That's right, no 1/1 or superfractors, but still really cool.

Despite the lack of 1/1's, this is still one of the best rainbow's I have completed.  The gold refractor is considered the "holy grail" of Kevin Youkilis cards.  Although the cards are numbered, there is no serial number printed on the card.  For those of you who are wondering, the superfractor was not put into Bowman products until 2005, two years after this rainbow was made.