Friday, July 19, 2013

First Mailday in a While; Rainbow Complete!

Hey, I haven't been able to post much over the summer due to limited computer access and the fact that I am slowly transitioning into a break from this hobby.  This isn't a matter of me being dissatisfied with the hobby or uninterested, but rather me going off to college this fall.  I will try to post when possible, but it will be limited with all of my schoolwork.

Now onto the mail day.  I purchased this 2009 Bowman Red 1/1 off of eBay of my PC player Kevin Youkilis.  Now this wasn't really a rainbow I was working on, but when I got this card I discovered that I had a completed rainbow!

This was certainly a pleasant surprise and the red 1/1 cost me only $20.  I should have some more posts soon of pack breaks from my trip to a card store.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cards For Trade and For Sale on Sports Card Album

Everyone needs to check this out. The brainchild of a Busting Wax blogger, this is a free, revolutionary alternative to Beckett's Org, your Photobucket, or whatever system you're using.
My username is thepackprodigy, for whoever is interested in trading.

Here's a link to my page-

Congratulations to our "Home Run Derby" contest winner, Dime Box Nick!

Nick from Baseball Dime Box correctly predicted the winner of the 2013 MLB Home Run Derby! By correctly predicting Yoenis Cespedes as the winner, he's won a base card of Cespedes. Congratulations, Nick!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trade with 20youksox (Plus a Home Run Derby Contest!)

Today, I completed a trade with 20youksox to fill some holes in my Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester PC's. I got two cards which filled the gaps, which I am both very excited about.

They are both from the Red Sox 2012 team set, which for some reason I never got around to picking up. To be honest, my theory is that they just were so terrible last year that I had no motivation to go out and spend my money on a set commemorating their worst record in my lifetime.

The reason these cards are special, however, is because they have a silver logo stamped on the corner of each card commemorating Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary. That was the common theme with every card from the Sox team set from last year, but because I specifically collect Lester and Pedroia I knew I had to snatch these up.

In addition, I also picked up about 10 or so cards to complete a page and a half in my binder of my "Throwback" collection. It's in it's early stages, but the progress is definitely visible. I'll post some scans of those tomorrow.

Also, the annual Home Run Derby is tonight! Be sure to catch it for some undoubtedly exciting action!
My pick is Chris Davis of the AL.

Comment below with your pick! If you're right, I'll hook you up with a base card of the winner of the HRD!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Sentimental Side of My Collection: My Favorite Cards (Pt. 2)

A few weeks back, I made a post about cards that mean a lot to me for various reasons, whether it be my faith, my family, etc. I have been promising a follow up post, which I have prepared after careful consideration. Without further ado, I present to you....

The Sentimental Side of My Collection: My Favorite Cards (Pt. 2)

I chose to highlight two cards, as I had done three previously. The two cards I chose, again, both mean a great deal to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to share them and their unique stories with you.

1. 2004 Fleer InScribed "Names of The Game" Ted Williams GU Bat Card

Around January of 2004, I was sitting downstairs on my couch watching TV after school. I had come come from what I assume was a rigorous day of 2nd grade (only kidding), and I was enjoying my relaxation. My Dad usually got home from work around 4:30. It was usually the same routine: I'd sit downstairs, not even having to leave the couch to understand the everyday significance of the familiar jingling sound of keys hitting the wooden key rack. That meant Dad was home. This day, he came downstairs and leaned over the railing carrying a package. He walked over to me and handed me the yellow bubble mailer, telling me it was a Christmas gift he had bought online that the seller had failed to ship in time for Christmas morning. I opened it up, and inside was this card. Additionally, it held a Carl Yastrzemski GU Jersey card from the same set. But this...this was different. Having a piece of lumber held by the greatest hitter who ever lived in my hands? That  was and continues to be an indescribable feeling. My Dad, as well as my Mom, have always been so good to me and my siblings and they've always done a great job picking up gifts that they knew we'd like, especially when it came to baseball cards. This is easily one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever gotten.

2. Doug Mirabelli Self-Issued Autographed Card (Obtained IP)

When I was a little boy (I don't exactly remember when), I was staying at my Grandparent's house with my Mom and Dad. Every time I had a sleepover at my Nana and Papa's house, it was tradition for my Nana to make waffles for my family when we woke up. Don't ask me why, or how, but those Jiffy-batter waffles are the best waffles I've ever had. One morning, as I was sitting in my chair eating my waffles, my papa was reading the Patriot Ledger, his local newspaper, and told me about an advertisement for a local Chevrolet dealer that was holding free autograph signings with Red Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli. My Dad, my Papa, and I all went to the dealership, where I was able to meet Doug, take pictures with him, and even receive an autograph on a card which he provided. Until several years later, I didn't really understand that there was religious connection on the back of the card. Doug used the card as a form of praise and spreading the Gospel for God, as on the back he related his baseball career to his Faith.. To me, as a Catholic, that's something I have a great deal of respect and admiration for

I'll probably have another post like this in the near future, so stay tuned. 
If you have a story about a card that holds sentimental value to you or has a unique story, feel free to comment in the box below this post!