Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beckett Contest Prize Mailday (Bowman Platinum)

Hey everyone, before I went away camping, I entered a contest on Beckett and won.  The contest was held by longtime member Pyweed who breaks every Bowman product about 5+ CASES at a time.  He always holds contests while he does his live breaks which usually span over a week or so.  The contest I won was guess the player who's autograph will be the lowest numbered in the first case.  I picked David Buchanan of the Phillies and my prize was a choice of 5 prospect autos from a list of extras.  I don't really know much about prospects, so my choices were pretty random except the first one, Brandon Jacobs.

I had heard of him before because he is one of the Red Sox top prospects.  My next one was a little less random because he is in the league wide top 100 prospect and was a first round draft pick.

Next up is Dillon Maples.  I don't really know anything about him, but I did recognize the name from the USA baseball program.

Here is Mahtook's teamate Tyler Bortnick.  I picked this one because the auto because the signature looks nice.  Suposedly he compares with Dustin Pedroia who I am definately familiar with with.

Last but not least is Chris Tilson.  I have no clue why I picked this one, but he was a second round pick last year.  He is suposed to be pretty fast though.

Anyways, pretty sweet for free cards.  I am a huge fan of the design and love that the autos are on card.  This is actually the second time I won one of his contests the last one being the same prize from 2010 Bowman Chrome.  I am cetainly looking forward to his next break.


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