Saturday, September 8, 2012

2013 Topps

Hey, everyone. Below is a picture of 2013 Topps flagship base design. As with 2012, I have above-average expectations for this product. Now, obviously I understand it's only the base-product; however, for a base design it looks promising. Check out the 2013 Topps Sellsheet online. It seems like there's going to be a lot of cool inserts themed around "The Chase", whatever that means. Either way, there's some cool relics and autos, especially the die-cut autos appropriately called "Cut to the Chase". Those look slick. Although they apparently make a lesser appearence than in previous years, manufactured "relics" are back. That's probably the only thing I honestly am not the hugest fan of. They look like they'll be pretty cool for what they are, but personally I'd still rather have one of my relics be something of the game-worn variety. 1 Relic per Hobby Box, 2 and 1 Auto per HTA jumbo. is taking preorders now.

c/o Beckett

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