Sunday, May 6, 2012

All of My 1/1s

A few days ago, I revieved a package from a sale on Blowout Cards. A member of the forum pulled a 2011 Gypsy Queen Kevin Youkilis Mini 1/1 Cyan Printing plate from a box of Gypsy Queen on the box breaks forum. We ended up agreeing on $32 for the Youk plate. Here is a scan of the card.
This is acually not a base mini, but an exclusive box topper mini variation. I have the black version of this same plate. Also, this is my 25th Kevin Youkilis 1/1 if I have counted correctly (EDIT: no, I counted wrong LOL). Most of them are plates, but I do have a 1/1 autograph, a 1/1 patch, a 1/1 scketch card, and two superfractors. So, here are scans of the other 24 Kein Youkilis 1/1 cards in my PC.


  1. Thanks! I origionally posted because I though it was my 25th, but I counted wrong, so I changed the title and it is all good.