Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! Here's the Box Break I Promised

I got this box for Christmas, and I noticed that one side of the box was heavier than the other. I knew that the museum cards are heavy, but I did not get my hopes up. I opened up all of the packs intending to save the fatties for last. Third pack in, I see gold!!! The first three hits were garbage, but I love the last one. I would say that this box broke my 13 month streak of bad box breaks. Anyways, here is what I pulled.

Cool looking card, but the player could be better. (and there could have been a multicolored patch in there haha)

I was really bumed there were no patches. Also, the player could have been a ton better.

The player could have been better, and there could have been a nice patch. Also, the bottom left relic if wierd. It might be sock? If anyone knows what it is, let me know.

and finally this...

Scan does not do this card justice. Easily one of my new favorite cards. The player could have been better, but still a really sweet card. Let me know what you you guys think! Happy holidays!

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