Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Diamond Giveaway Update + Youkilis PC Update!

Here is my latest pickup for my Kevin Youkilis PC. It is the 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Magenta plate. Why is this significant? First off, this is my first magenta plate, and also one of the cards I needed for a rainbow(still need one more!). But most importantly, this is my 250th different Youk card!!! I have over 300 if you include doubles. Now, the only card I need for the rainbow is the cyan plate, so let me know if you have it!

The Diamond Giveaway Challenge has been pretty easy so far. I put up a thread on Beckett, and got a big response, so I am now down to a 1961 Jim Gilliam. Even if I can't get any older, I would still be happy because I turned a junk wax card into a 1961 card. Also, stay tuned because I will have some boxes and pack to bust this afternoon!


  1. I have a Youkilis DDC from the Diamond Topps. As I'm a Red Sox fan as well I'm looking to trade it if you can get another Red Sox DDC card (except Beckett). Just in case you don't have one :)

  2. I have one too. I would love to trade for another, but I don't have any other diamond die cuts. I will let you know if I get one to trade you!