Monday, April 4, 2011

A Rant, and A Pedroia Custom

Here is the custom, and here comes the rant. Topps has horrible customer service. I am furious with the way they are treating the Million Card Giveaway. First of all, they charged us to ship cards that we won, and already paid for the packs they were in. Not to mention most of it was 80's and 90's crap. I got a couple of cards worth shipping, so I reluctantly paid the shipping charges. Now, you probably think I am going to say my cards arrived in horrible condition, but no. They have not arrived at all after I PAID to have them shipped to me more than a month ago. Topps Million Card Givaway was a waste of my time, and now they are putting the crap cards you didn't want in their Diamond Givaway. Just an FYI, there will be another rant to complain about the condition if I ever get them.

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