Friday, April 29, 2011

Fake Patches: This One Takes The Cake...

Out of all of the fake patches, autos, and relics I've seen, this is just absolutely awful. If you have the guts to make fake patches, which I personally think is totally wrong and immoral, then at least make an honest effort. Unless you've lived under a rock and know nothing about sports or have the unfortunate lifestyle of being Amish (only kidding, I have nothing against Amish people or the life they choose to live [not that they'll read this anyways]), this, my kind sir, is a hockey patch...on a baseball card...just think about that for a minute...let that settle in. Does the seller of this card think he can pull one over on us? I mean really; I'm pretty sure anyone with a 2nd grade reading level can identify that there is clearly something wrong with this card.
Although this might be the worst so far, I wouldn't be surprised if someone attempts to put a patch of the years following the 2005 release of this product...oh wait.

Credit to "" for the photos.
As you can clearly see, the patch makes out some of the word "world champs". And since world series patches handed out to both teams in the series don't prematurely say "champions" on them, and there is clearly the marks of an "A" from champions, AND the Cardinals didn't win a world series until 2006, almost two years after this product was released. Not to mention the patch below vanishes any hint of doubt about the authenticity of the patch.


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