Monday, April 11, 2011

Maildays, Technology, and a Box Break

I finally received my Million Card Givaway cards... and they arrived in MINT condition (haha, not really). The 55 Bob Keegan has bad corners, creases, stains, paperloss, and chipping. If you look at the back, you can see the card is actually peeling apart. On a lighter note, I received these Youkilis cards in the mail today. FYI, the superfractor looks soooooooooooo much better in person.

I also went to Newport, Rhode Island where I hoped to go to a card store. So, I went to 3 different card stores! However, they were all out of bussiness (just my luck). So, I went to Walmart to pick up some packs, and this is what I found. A 2011 Topps Value box! Inside each box, there are 5 packs of 2011 Topps Retail, and 2 packs of 2011 Topps Heritage Hobby. I was so surprised when I pulled this auto! The odds of pulling an auto are 1:303, plus this auto is on card and sells for about $30.

Has anybody heard about the new "video trading cards"? Panini, and Upper Deck have both released images for trading cards with a screen that will play a video. I prefer the Panini model because quite frankly, the Upper Deck model looks like a box, or something you would get out of a happy meal. Panini's are also unique because it will show a video of the player signing your card. Although these cards are neat, my only concerns are how thick are these cards, and what happens when the battery dies?


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