Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a game....

Hey, everyone. Last night's game was phenomenal. Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched 8 strong innings, while also striking out 8. Victor Martinez had 3 RBIs, while Adrian Beltre had 1 and Jed Lowrie contributed his lone RBI on a walk-off home run in the 11th. The ironic thing about Lowrie was the in the top half of the 11th, he misplayed a relatively simple foul pop-up, and although it caused no damage in the end, the fans started to "shun" him. But, redemption came quickly. Although I didn't manage to obtain any autos, I did pick up a card of significance and got a chance to talk to Dustin Pedroia. The card was a 2006 Upper Deck SFX Blue Jon Lester rookie card. And, although everything is overpriced there, I got it for $10. As for Pedroia, I was able to say hello, ask him how his foot was doing, and tell him that us Sox fans "love 'em" and we're rallying behind him. And, although he didn't sign, just being able to talk to my favorite player made my day. I also picked up 2 card grab bags with assorted cards from over the years. For 2 for $5, although mostly just commons, I got a few decent older rookies people have actually heard of and a couple cards for my Sox collection. It's more just the principle that these cards were bought at Fenway that make them, in a way, special. Foul balls around our (me and 20youk) seats, which were a couple rows back to the left of the Red Sox dugout at $95 a pop, had to be at just the right angle and just well enough hit to reach us, even though we were close to the field. The closest either of us came to getting one was about 3 or 4 rows to the left of us, where a fan who's blood-alcohol level had to be clearly higher than Ted William's 1939 .406 batting average spilled his umpteenth beer on another fan trying to catch a ball. Ole' Beer-Breath couldn't catch it, and dropped it countless times while trying to pick it up off the already beer-soaked concrete floor. He eventually picked it up, and acted like he had just won the lottery, raised his arms while staggering and yelling in a slurred vocal outburst that made Jabba the Hutt look like a Rhodes Scholar. He then preceded to jump up and down, drenching the poor bystanders in beer. But, other than that, it was a great game.
Keep Breakin'

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