Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Few Pack Prodigy Customs

Hey, everyone. I took a swing at making some customs yesterday, and I think I did pretty great. Take a look:

It's relatively tough top make customs without photoshop, and, considering I did everything in paint and with images and outlines from the Topps website, I'm very pleased with the results. The Yaz card is for my step-father, as he grew up enjoying and watching Yaz play. The Kalish/Doubront is a 2006 Topps '52 design, and they're both very hot rookies right now for the BoSox.

I'm having a slight problem with the scanner, so I can't post my cards from my vacation until next week. But, I'll make up for it with some more customs within this week.

Be sure to check out Beckett, as it has some new photos from The National up.

Tonight, I'll be at a Can-Am league game watching the Worcester Tornadoes play The Brockton Rox. Should be a good one, so I'll have a recap soon.

I'll also post another custom or two later. That's it for now. Thanks, guys.
Keep Breakin'

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