Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Game Time: Red Sox, 8/21, Fenway Park.

Hey, everyone. Starting now, each game that I attend this year and in the near future will have a recap of any notable card pickups, the game itself, and more. I have pretty nice seats, but that's all I know about the location. Daisuke Matsusaka is slated to take the hill for the BoSox. And, just a side note, how about the red-hot rookie phenom, Ryan Kalish, delivering with his 1st career grand slam. This kids a gritty ballplayer who reminds me a lot of Trot Nixon. In fact, I'm officially petitioning that Topps make him a Red Hot Rookies Redemption. If anyone agrees with me, comment on this post.

In somewhat related news, Darnell McDonald broke a windshield in the Fenway parking lot behind "The Monstah", on Lansdowne St., after he turned on an inside Jerrod Weaver change-up. Here's the damage.

Well, look on the bright side currently rear windowless Sox get a free home run ball safely inside of your car..unless, of course, a swarm of crazy ball-hawks snatch it up before you even knew it was there...good luck with that!

In other news, eTopps has indeed released a RRO of Ryan Kalish...I'm jumping on that offer.

Thats it for now, guys. Thanks.
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