Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Segment: Check Out My Youks

I haven't really been inspired to post lately.  Trying to reverse this, I came up with a new segment called Check Out My Youks that I will post weekly if it goes over well.  In this segment, I will showcase a Kevin Youkilis card from my PC that I haven't previously shown on the blog.  We'll start off with this.

This autographed manufactured letter patch was a card that really got my Youkilis PC rolling.  After getting this card as a Christmas gift, I decided to start collecting Kevin Youkilis.  This decision was based on Youk being my favorite player and hero, and that fact that I had began to acquire quite a few of his cards: several relics, a few autographs and countless base cards.

Numbered 4/20, this is still one of the few autographs in my PC.  If any part part of my PC is lacking, it is definately the auto department.  I'm not sure why, but autographs just don't excite me as much relics and patches.

If I do say so myself, I feel as if my epic patch collection makes up for this.

So that was the first Check Out My Youks post.  Hopefully people enjoy this and I will try to post one of these every week.  I am also planning to bring back my Random PC Card of the Week segment that was pretty popular while I was still running it.


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