Monday, June 10, 2013

Finished My First Bowman Chrome Autographed Rainbow!

I finally ponied up the cash for the last card I needed for my 2003 Bowman Chrome Kevin Youkilis Autographed Rainbow.  As usual, it wasn't the rarest card in the rainbow that I needed.  The last card this time was the regular refractor version.  The reason it took so long to pick up is that when they pop up on ebay, they are usually a buy it now set at higher than I want to pay.  Finally, one popped up for $25 with free shipping and it arrived in the mail today.

Now, for the rest of the rainbow.  2003 Bowman Chrome, an early version of Bowman Chrome had less refractor versions than the modern version.  2003 had only gold refractors numbered to 50, x-fractors numbered to 250, refractors numbered to 500, and of course the regular version numbered out of 1700.  That's right, no 1/1 or superfractors, but still really cool.

Despite the lack of 1/1's, this is still one of the best rainbow's I have completed.  The gold refractor is considered the "holy grail" of Kevin Youkilis cards.  Although the cards are numbered, there is no serial number printed on the card.  For those of you who are wondering, the superfractor was not put into Bowman products until 2005, two years after this rainbow was made.


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